On The Rise: "Skinimalism" and its Impact Beyond Beauty & Skincare

On The Rise: "Skinimalism" and its Impact Beyond Beauty & Skincare
With Social Media pushing the latest skincare products, promising the fresh glow of skin, permanent removal of acne, & defense against aging, it's easy to amass a collection of creams, acids, and scrubs you barely haven't begun to understand. K-beauty is no stranger to this as well, as it was once known for creating a ten-step skincare system, which did nothing more than dry out your wallet while moisturizing your skin.
The cultural impact of the recent pandemic in 2020, however, saw the skincare & makeup industry face a massive overhaul in both purchase & usage. During lockdown, consumers began to pay more attention to what they were buying & using on their skin both in ingredients and cost as they were now faced with certain restrictions, alongside the trend of clean living and environmental awareness. Skinimalism, or the practice of minimal skincare, is a trend on the rise which brings the focus on reducing both purchase & usage of product, focusing more on sticking to the basic necessities of skincare not only for the clean, natural look that also began to dominate the beauty industry by storm but to bring attention to the industry to reduce further production products which contain harsh ingredients. As a result of Skinimalism, particularly throughout TikTok, dermatologists across social media came to a final consensus & released the long-awaited secret to perfect skin combined with minimal product:

"A gentle, vegan cleanser & toner, followed by one retinoid or AHA/BHA product & ending with moisturizer every other night, while by day using a dark spot remover, finished by the tried and true moisturizer and 30+ SPF sunscreen."

Overall that adds up to 3-4 products each use, however that still may seem like a little too much for eco-friendly users who are also looking to save their coin.
Luckily such products are sold in an affordable two-in-ones, such as....
Glossier's Solution ($24) which combines an AHA/BHA into an effective toner and exfoliant post-cleanse 



Vibrant Glamour Retinol Face Serum ($11) which combines the essential 1% retinol with ceramides to deeply moisturize and protect the skin barrier. 



Even dark spot removers are fused with an effective vegan skin serum such as BeauteCret Gold 24K Gold Serum ($15) This plant based serum is gentle enough for daily use with Hylaronic Acid for deep hydration & Niacinamide to target & brighten stubborn dark spots.



Even for those who prioritize makeup over bare skin, Korean makeup & primers containing PA++ the highest form of sun protection, with clean natural ingredients continue to dominate the market even through to inspiring its Western Market with the ever affordable Covergirl Clean Fresh Skinmilk Foundation ($10) with the soothing effects of aloe, the moisture of coconut milk and the skin coverage of a high-quality foundation. Applied after a quick cleanse and sunscreen makes this an effective three-step routine when you're in a rush!



Promoting the practice of Skinimalism is a journey that will not only teach you to be kind to your skin and the environment but your wallet as well. So before you splurge on that latest anti-aging serum, pay attention to what you need & utilize what you have as less truly is more. Will you plan on becoming a Skinimalist in 2022? 

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